The Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS)

The Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS) is a Moldovan NGO established in 2017 by practitioners with substantial executive and legislative experience.

Today, IPIS unites professionals with diverse geopolitical views, and this is our distinguishing feature and advantage.

IPIS Goals

We work to address Moldova’s strategic development challenges from a non-political, non-partisan perspective. We involve top-level local and regional experts in our work. IPIS expertise covers four areas:

  • Good governance
  • Conflict settlement and inter-ethnic consolidation
  • Public involvement and participatory government
  • Strategic communication and media

What this is

Public administration reforms, good governance and decentralization

Moldova’s public administration system is politicized, lacks transparency and capacity to provide quality services to the public. The country’s deteriorating economic and social performance is to a large extent caused by inefficient governance.

IPIS develops policies and programs to create transparent, accountable and effective public administration, which caters to the needs of citizens and businesses.

Inter-ethnic consolidation and conflict resolution

Integration of ethnic communities into political, economic and social life is an important task and challenge for Moldova. IPIS implements inter-ethnic cooperation and integration programs, which focus on the resolution of practical problems in this area, such as the study of the Romanian language, representation of ethnic communities in government, enhancing the awareness of communities about each other.

Through shuttle diplomacy and constant work on the ground, the Institute partners with recognized international organizations and peace building institutions on a range of initiatives to establish preconditions for sustainable resolution of the Transnistrian conflict.

Participatory democracy and public involvement

Distrust in government is high in Moldova. Public policies are developed without meaningful participation of citizens, even though modern management practice offers effective mechanisms to involve citizens in decision-making.

IPIS develops and implements innovative projects which

  • promote collaborative governance and citizens’ participation and involvement in the decision-making process;
  • empower citizens to monitor and influence the work of the government;
  • support citizens’ associations at the local and central level to provide meaningful input into public policy making;

Strategic communication and media

Moldova’s media space is divided between political forces and is more often than not used to promote narrow party interests. Independent media outlets in Moldova are few, which has a negative impact on the quality of available information and public debates.

To help address these challenges, we produce competitive media content and offer it to media platforms in Moldova. By offering its quality content, IPIS contributes to the fight against foreign and domestic propaganda, offering to the public an alternative to existing content.

We also believe that channels must exist for feedback from the public to the government on important reforms and decisions which affect people’s lives, and the government must communicate to the people its intentions and the results of its work. IPIS strategic communications experts support effective work of public communication offices and train communicators how to incorporate feedback and communication mechanisms into public policy documents.