The Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS) is a Moldovan NGO established in 2016, uniting professionals with diverse views. IPIS works to address Moldova’s strategic development challenges from a non-political, non-partisan perspective. IPIS expertise covers four areas: good governance; conflict settlement and inter-ethnic consolidation; public involvement and participatory government; communications.

IPIS is currently implementing the Project “Promoting social cohesion in Moldova through the study of Gagauz and Romanian languages in Gagauz-Yeri autonomous territorial unit”, funded by the Embassy of the Netherlands and SOROS Foundation Moldova.

Implementation period: January 2021 – March 2022.

The overall goal of the project is to support the preservation of the Gagauz language and culture and to bridge the cultural and linguistic divide, growing mistrust and alienation between Gagauz-Yeri ATU and the rest of Moldova.

Project objectives are:

– Improve the understanding on the overall framework for the functioning of the Gagauz and Romanian languages in Gagauz-Yeri ATU.

– Facilitate institutional collaboration between the key stakeholders to achieve sustainable improvement in the study of the Gagauz and Romanian language in the Autonomous Territorial Unit of Gagauz-Yeri.

– Increase public awareness about the study of the Gagauz and Romanian languages in Gaguz-Yeri ATU.

For more details on project activities please see the attached project summary.

IPIS is seeking a local expert (hereinafter Expert) in order to support the implementation of the project with a particular expertise on multilingual education policies.

The key tasks of the consultant are as follows:

– Provide input for the report on the current situation with the study of the Gagauz and Romanian languages in Gagauz-Yeri ATU, based on the results of previous and current Moldovan public policies.

– Provide input for the roadmap to enhance the studying and functioning of the Gagauz and Romanian languages in Gagauz-Yeri ATU.

– Participate offline/online at 2 meetings of the multi-stakeholder platform, inform members of this platform regarding the previous and current Moldovan public policies and give them arguments in favour of proposed roadmap recommendations.

– Participate offline/online at the final international conference to present conclusions and recommendations of the report, road map and draw high level attention to solutions of promoting the functioning and use of the Gagauz and Romanian language in Gagauz-Yeri ATU.

Interested individual consultants are invited to submit their applications by September 10, 2021, 22-00 (Chisinau time), to with the following documents, submitted in English:

– letter of intent to include a brief overview about the previous experiences in the field.

– detailed CV.

– financial proposal quoted in USD per 1 working hour (including all taxes)(Please note: The Institute will withhold from the specified hour rate the income tax, the social and medical premiums due from the side of the Consultant and the Institute, as provided by the Moldovan legislation.)

Incomplete proposals may not be considered.

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Project summary