Promoting civil society and inter-ethnic dialogue in the Republic of Moldova in the context of the EU association process (CIVID)

#WEandEU – a project aims at increasing citizens’ understanding of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement

EU Perceptions and Reality in Moldova

CIVID project on inter-ethnic relations and EU association in Moldova successfully implemented

Second regional dialogue: what are the participants’ recommendations on improving social cohesion and interethnic relations

“Transnistrian dialogues” annual conference

IPIS met with participants of the second edition of the “Leadership Academy”

Выборы или коалиция, песенники или менеджеры. Три миллиона

Politica și dragostea, alegerile și ofertele generoase. Три миллиона.

Александр Тэнасе, Марк Верлан и Игорь Гончаренко. Три миллиона