Andrei Popov: It is important to see real people behind the numbers

The second module of the “Transnistrian Dialogues” was dedicated to entrepreneurship

The Transnistrian Dialogues: women’s edition opened with a seminar on fundraising

The media course for young people continued with a module on disinformation in the online space

Young journalists, entrepreneurs, and students became new participants of the Transnistrian Dialogues

Support to anti-corruption and judiciary reforms in Moldova

#informMD – against misinformation in the Republic of Moldova

Journalists will continue IPIS’ work in investigating the use of budget funds intended to combat COVID-19

IPIS’ analysis: In the midst of pandemic, the Government raised one-third of planned grant assistance

Media course for young people was launched as part of the project “#informMD – against misinformation in the Republic of Moldova”