On August 1, IPIS hosted a public discussion dedicated to the real agenda of the citizens of Moldova. The participants – experts in public policy, media, energy and conflict resolution, as well as civic activists, businessmen and political analysts – exchanged views on topics of actual importance to citizens, as well as topics on the public agenda that do not reflect people’s interests, but are planted to advance the goals of vested interests.

The participants covered a wide range of topics, from demographics and access to water, to the quality of education, social security, social cohesion, but also the values shared by those living in Moldova. At the end of the discussion, the participants agreed on the need to establish a common agenda, which would seek to give Moldovans the chance to have a better life, including access to quality resources and services and room for personal and professional growth, in their country.

IPIS breaks the traditional patterns for public discussion on topical issues,” says Lucia Aprodu, IPIS program coordinator. “We brought together people with different political visions and very diverse professional paths, which ensured a profound and really interesting discussion, that we hope to continue at the next meetings.

The discussion hosted by IPIS is part of a series of public consultations, which will be continued in the coming months as part of the project “Bridging the Divide between Moldovans – Building a Real Agenda for Citizens”, implemented with the support of the European Endowment for Democracy (EED). The consultations, which will continue in different regions of the country, will be followed by the production and distribution of several videos dedicated to the real agenda of the Moldovan people, and the publication of a brochure on the same topic. For details on the project please contact Lucia Aprodu, project coordinator, at lucia.aprodu@ipis.md.