The Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS) is a Moldovan NGO established in 2017, uniting professionals with diverse views. IPIS works to address Moldova’s strategic development challenges from a non-political, non-partisan perspective. IPIS expertise covers five areas: good governance; conflict settlement and inter-ethnic consolidation; public involvement and participatory government; communications; foresight and digital transformation.

IPIS is seeking qualified event management company to provide logistical and administrative support in the organization of national and international events (trainings, workshops, conferences, etc.) in accordance with IPIS programs.

Interested organisations and consortiums can access the full tender document issued on 22 October 2018 on the following website: (the documents are attached). The deadline for the submission of complete offers is 28 October 2018.

Upon expiration of the deadline, an evaluation committee will verify whether the Application Form is properly filled in, the package is complete and the stated criteria are met. Then, proposals will be evaluated according to the criterias mentioned in instructions to tenderers.

  1. Instructions to tenderers
  2. Politici de achizitii
  3. Terms of reference
  4. Form of Technical and Financial Proposals