The project team has conducted a series of dialogue workshops on the local and regional level to promote the civil society and inter-ethnic dialogue in the Republic of Moldova (RoM). As an outcome of these activities, the project partners have collected key issues and respective recommendations voiced by the participants that aim at strengthening the social cohesion in the Republic of Moldova. Participants from all regions of the country have contributed to the debate and provided input based on their professional as well as personal experience.

The discussions were structured into four sectors: 1) Education2) Economic Development and Social Rights and 3) Media. In addition, a cross-cutting topic, namely 4) the Role of the EU Association Agreement for the social cohesion in the Republic of Moldova has been discussed. By supporting the inter-ethnic dialogue and through engagement with the

This synthesis report provides an overview of the findings and recommendations and shall provide the basis for further discussion among and between civil society representatives from different ethnic communities, public officials and other relevant stakeholders for the inter-ethnic dialogue in the Republic of Moldova.

This project was implemented by the Institut für Europäische Politik (IEP) together with its partners, Institute for Strategic Initiatives (IPIS) and the Institute for European Policies and Reforms (IPRE), kindly supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Project implementation period: July 2018 – July 2019

Total budget: EUR 9,990