The participants in our fourth regional dialogue with citizens, which we carry out within the “EU in Moldova: Perceptions and reality” programme, had the opportunity to share their assessments on Moldova’s relations with the European Union, while IPIS, IPRE and IEP dispel some myths about EU.

The sceptic moods towards EU among the part of the population in Drochia are explained by the lack of information about the European Union and the projects implemented by the EU countries in Moldova.

“People are not aware of the impact that social and infrastructure projects have on their lives. When the road is broken, it is a problem, but if it is in order, nobody notices what economic benefits it brings,” – one of the participants in the meeting said.

“Unfortunately, the EU does not have many projects that support small and medium business,” – said another participant in the meeting, “but the EU should somehow invest more in informing citizens about its work,” – he concluded.

However, there are other opinions, too. For example, a local resident told us that Drochia lacks trained personnel who can write applications and submit projects. “We see that there are opportunities, but we don’t have the knowledge to apply for the grant properly.

Programul „Noi și UE: percepții și realitate” este implementat de Institutul pentru Inițiative Strategice din Moldova, Institutul de Politici Europene din Berlin și Institutul de Politici și Reforme Europene, în perioada iulie 2019 – iunie 2020, cu sprijinul Oficiului Federal German de Externe.