Our vocal social companies, which we conduct locally in six regions of the country, have also reached the Leova district.

We met on-line with Mayor Alexander Bujoryan, Chairman of “Parteneriat social” Raisa Balan and her colleagues, director of Disctrict Youth Centre Ion Calalb, president of the Association of People with Disabilities Radu Raicu, representatives of the local library, Ethnographic museum, NGO “Băștinașii”, Vocational School, M. Spätaru Lyceum. We discussed with IPIS team and our invited experts Arthur Gurau and Mircea Esanu:

– the development of the local community through the prism of access to internal and external monetary funds;

– on digital activism tools and self-financing methods;

– how to make journalists allies in solving local problems.

In October, representatives of local activists, with the help of the IPIS team, will implement their initiative in the Leova district.

The meeting took place within the programme “Vocal social campaigns at local level”, which is implemented within the Grant Programme “Development of civil society at local level in Moldova”, financed by the EU and the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAS).