The first speaker of the program was Olga Melniciuc, an expert in access to financial resources, who talked about how to empower women economically through fundraising and project management.

The main goal of the project “Transnistrian dialogues: women’s edition” is to increase the role of women in peace building and conflict prevention and resolution in Moldova. Focus is on women leaders and opinion makers, such as businesswomen, local councilors, and community activists.

The project is structured around weekly online meetings, which are organized along two main lines. First of all, we provide participants with knowledge in areas such as diplomacy and conflict resolution through a series of thematic sessions with recognized experts in these fields.

The second component aims to equip women participants with practical skills to prepare them to have a more active and vocal presence in public life. The participants benefit from training in fundraising, project management and public speaking.

The programme is implemented with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland and Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.