The second speaker of the program “Transnistrian Dialogues: women’s edition of Women” was Andrei Popov, Ambassador-at-Large (MFAEI). He gave a lecture on “Diplomacy and the Role of the International Community in Conflict Resolution.

Speaking about the mechanisms of settlement of the Transnistrian conflict the diplomat said:

Andrei Popov: For the success of what we are doing, it is very important to see behind the numbers, live people. Transnistria is not just a territory that needs to be returned in order to restore its territorial integrity. Real people live there, they have expectations, concerns, hopes, fears, you have to understand that and seek an approach to them. It is important to treat them with respect.

The main goal of the project “Transnistrian dialogues: women’s edition” is to increase the role of women in peace building and conflict prevention and resolution in Moldova. Focus is on women leaders and opinion makers, such as businesswomen, local councilors, and community activists.

The programme is implemented with the support of the Department of Foreign Affairs of Ireland and Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation.