The representative of the NGO “Sigma-Expert” (Tiraspol), Iurie Ganin gave a lecture on “Leadership and ways to develop leadership”. The event took place online for the participants of the program “Transnistrian Dialogues: Women’s Edition”.

“A creative society has always needed socially active, competent, creative people, who are able to make decisions, so leaders. Without a leader, any society loses its ability to organize itself “, – mentioned Iurie Ganin. The speaker also stressed that “Being a leader does not only mean representing a group of people, but also the ability to be the master of one’s own life.”

Mr. Ganin named 5 reasons to have big goals:

1. A small and large business will require an equal investment of time and will generate an equal amount of problems.
2. It may seem to you that if you grow a small business, you will have a better chance of surviving. It’s an illusion. According to statistics, only 10% of small businesses exist for more than three years.
3. You will not be able to find professionals who want to work in your small business for you. Professionals raised with you will find no reason to stay.
4. Your small business will exist as long as you take care of it. It is the result of the previous point.
5. It is not interesting to dedicate yourself to a small thing, when you can achieve something more important, especially if you are a potential leader.

The program “Transnistrian Dialogues: Women’s Edition” includes a group of women from both banks of the Dniester. During this autumn, they meet weekly on the online platform ZOOM, to participate in thematic seminars, organized by IPIS.

Funding for this program is provided by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ireland and the Federal Public Service for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Trade and International Cooperation of the Kingdom of Belgium.